Beyond Review: X-Ray of X-Men Days of Future Past May24


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Beyond Review: X-Ray of X-Men Days of Future Past

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Enough ripples and you change the tide

If you are fan of X-Men franchise then you may have already seen this movie and you may have been just amazed by the magic it brings back to this franchise. For those new to this franchise I will recommend them to see this movie and then see X-Men 1, 2 & 3 to better appreciate the entire plot.

There are possibly thousands of reviews on various websites which provides same boring kind of reviews so I will save you from adding one more similar autopsy report. Rather I would like to put entire film under X-Ray and point out hidden gems and unknown facts that most of the people are not aware of.

As many of you may know IMDB’s Movie related FAQ section is the best place to grab most of the titbits, so with all due respect I will first link back to FAQ section where some of the great Marvel fans contribute and clarify common questions and ofcourse it’s ever evolving thread so you are better off checking it periodically to discover new titbits:

Now first of all let’s start with taking X-Ray of the set up created for X-Men : Days of Future Past.

Most of the Marvel franchise movie comes with teaser for next movie to come during the end credit or post credit so if you leave early you are gonna miss glimpse of the future movie to come. So long story short If you remembered The Wolverine (2013) ended with the following post credit scene

The reference of “Trask Industries” in that post credit scene becomes center plot of this movie. During interim period they had also came up with one teaser documentary “The Bent Bullet: JFK and the Mutant Conspiracy | X-Men” to create curiosity amongst the fan base.

One of the best parts of the movie has to be Quicksilver’s scene where is notoriously neutralizes several cops in really cool way with Jim Croce’s “Time in a bottle” being played in the background.  You can immerse yourself to that beautiful music again:

I am sure many of fans will have hard time demystifying the altered timeline so here goes some inference based explanation from one of the IMDB board members “sn939”

As I have already mentioned, like all other movies in this series, there is a post credit scene which sets the tone for next movie in this series X-Men: Apocalypse.  In post credit scene in ancient Egypt, a group of people kneel before a cloaked figure chanting “En Sabah Nur.” This is the real name of the mutant Apocalypse who is thought to be the first mutant. Marvel Comics (incorrectly) states this means “The First One” in ancient Egyptian. He is assembling the pyramids with his mind while four men on horses watch (a reference to Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen of which Archangel/Angel, Gambit, Wolverine, Psylocke, Banshee, and even Hulk have been a part of).

and Finally here are some leadership lessons to be learned from this movie

  1. Inserting Talented Young Leadership Upgrades Your Organization
  2. Leaders Must Know Their Limitations
  3. The Naivety Of Youth And Its Potential
  4. Leaders Must Be Given The Tools For Success
  5. Leaders Seek To Serve Rather Than Be Served
  6. Leaders Cast A Big Vision
  7. Leaders Find A Way from difficult situations
  8. Leaders Bring People Together By Creating Common Ground
  9. Leaders Can Become Dangerously Misguided
  10. Failure Is Not Final
  11. Leaders Are Dealers In Hope
  12. It Often Takes A Leader To Talk To A Leader
  13. Leaders Are Bridge Builders
  14. Leaders Have A Responsibility To Understand The Impact Of Their Decisions
  15. Honor The Past

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