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Art and Science of Walking

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Quickbits Section: Read & Learn

Walking, the most common activity which we do in our routine life, is so natural that it is more easier than standing. (Here is what Wikipedia has to say about walking). 

Following are some of the quick facts which you might not know about walking:

  1. Walking is a social phenomenon , you can walk more without tiring if you have got a company.
  2. Walking is cyclic activity, we can walk by transferring our body repeatedly from  state of balance to state of imbalance and vise versa. This cycle is known as Gait Cycle.
  3. Arm movement plays important role in walking, pendulum like movement of hands eases the effort required for walking.
  4. Stride as a verb means to walk with brisk pace with long steps while as noun it just means long steps.
  5. When you are walking in crowded areas or places with obstacles, your mind is much more active as it automatically calculates adjustment required to avoid collision.
  6. Walking is easier than Standing Still. Why so?  When we walk at a steady pace, we are constantly changing the pressure on each foot. At no point you have both feet flat on the ground.  That alternation of stress and relaxation has two effects. First, it gives your foot a little rest before having to exert a force again, each time you step. Add all those little rests together and you’ll see you spend roughly half your walking time off your feet. The other effect is that walking helps circulate the blood. It’s the increased difficulty in circulation when you are standing still that causes blood to pool a little in your feet. When not enough fresh blood reaches those muscles, they tend to become uncomfortable. This phenomenon is also known as Gallery Feet.
  7. Awkward walking Dance  or Same Stepping refers to the situation when you are walking down the street, hallway, or just walking in general and you see someone coming at you and at the last second you both turn to get out of each other’s way, but just get in each other’s way again. And then you try to go the other way, and they go that way too. Basically it just keeps going until you either finally guess right or, in the more extreme cases, you decide to just stop and tell the person where you are going.
  8. Awkward walking Dance normally occurs due to lack of active observation on part of one or both the parties.  Active observation is state of mind which predicts the relative movement or deviation of other moving thing.
  9. If you are walking with a bag or some luggage in your hand then do not forget to follow these two tips: (a) Try to have same weight in both the hands. (b) When you want to turn or want to accelerate / decelerate use baggage in your hand as pendulum.
  10. The way you walk (walking style) can also tell a lot about your personality.The way you walk does not only reflect some of your personality traits but it also reflects your current mood. If you were feeling happy then most probably you are going to have an energetic walk where your walking speed becomes faster. Some people also walk ‘V’ style which may really hurt in long term. Read more detailed article over here and here
  11. Walking also provides several health benefits. When you walk in rhythm it improves blood circulation, body generates anti-bodies faster and in more efficient manner. Read more over here and here
  12. Bad Walking Style can cause several health related issues and may cause physical injuries in long term. Read this for more details.
  13. Man and Woman walk differently. Read this to know more.


Visual Section: Watch & Learn

 Whether to Walk or Run in Rain


Walking on the Eggs

Walking Pattern


Practical Section: Apply and Interact

Following are some of the online  resources which allows you to apply and interact:


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